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New Rafts

Were ready for this years adventures with many new colors models and all the rafting gear you need for any rafting adventure. New this season we have Maravia rafts!


How To: Set up your raft.

Proper set up of a whitewater raft tutorial. Mike walks you through the basics and essentials of setting up your dream whitewater raft.

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  • NRS Series

    In the world of Hypalon rafts, NRS is the standalone toughest, longest-lasting choice you can make.

    We have the best selection of NRS rafts in Montana!

  • Rocky Mountain

    Pretty Slick Lookers at a nice price.

    Rocky Mountain Rafts has been growing each season as a nice alternative in the …

  • Aire Series

    Our best selling cata-rafts with several river-stumping designs will bring you to a whole new level…

    A wide variety of color choices makes outfitting an AIRE raft or Cat extra fun …

  • Proper Whitewater Raft Setup

    Don't forget to check out a video of Mike Garcia discussing the proper set up in the "Safety First"…

    We have EVERYTHING you need to set up your dream boat.

  • Otter Series

    When fishermen need extra room without sacrificing maneuverability, they choose the Otter. With big…

    Built outfitter tough, this may be the last raft the private boater will ever n…

  • Expedition Rafts or "E-Rafts"

    The 14 or 15-foot NRS E-140 or 150 are perfect for the big-water boater or for the outfitter who ne…

    Will carry up to 11 paddlers with optional extra thwarts.

Pro's and Con's


13 footers mostly have smaller tubes and less space inside. Sometimes fishing folks will want a smaller raft for their needs on some smaller good fishing waterways. They can be run with shorter oars and fit through tighter runs. If you frame out your boat for fishing, a 13 footer is quite full. If you have two fishermen and a rower aboard, you won’t have much space for cargo.Take that into account when you look at your overall plans!


14 footers are the most popular size, mostly because they have bigger tubes (which means less water splashing in) and you’re seated higher (which is more comfortable overall). You have an additional foot of interior space, which means more people fit in the raft. You can also carry more gear with a longer frame. Some 14 footers are 6-8 inches narrower than our best selling 14's, so look again at what you are planning and how much gear or people you have aboard. Cooler sizes, dry box sizes, and overall inside width should all be looked at carefully in reviewing your plans.


15 footers are a fan favorite! That’s because you can fit a 15 footer anywhere you can a 14 footer (of the same width). The extra interior room really shines on multi-day trips. Families grow up and take friends on the water, so if you are floating with 4 or more folks, a 15 really spreads things out nicely. Remember, every time you add length you have more frame length, and that means more cargo options!


Bighorn 1

Basic Fishing Frame

Bighorn 2

Alley Cat

Yampa XD

Flashy Loaded



We offer a wide option of Oars

We highly recommend a good pair of oars to make rowing a pleasant experience. We offer a larger selection of oars and rowing accessories to outfit your raft or drift boat completely