Aire Series

An extra layer of lacquer and improved tear strength are hallmark features of the 37 oz fabric. Visit to look through all their choices, our stop by our showroom to get a more hands on look at our selection. Here is a list of our best sellers!

(1) Super Puma 
A superbly nimble raft with a unique narrow profile, it can tackle Class 5 water as a paddle raft. Frame it out as a fishing platform for 2-3 people and it will finesse its way down the narrowest of floatable trout streams and rivers. No wonder it’s a longtime favorite of many fishing guides on smaller, more technical rivers.

Super Puma $3299
Thwarts $250 each

(2) 143 R
Year in and out, our best selling AIRE raft answers so many calls. Big enough for those week-long adventures on your favorite Idaho run, or stripped down for your high-water weekend favorite and you’ll be all smiles. Remember, high water is only once a year. Don’t miss out!

143R $4599
Thwarts $250 each

(3) 156D
The narrower beam and smaller frame require narrower dry boxes and coolers, which means a smaller internal space. However, we just had a 21-day Grand Canyon float and the 156D loaded to the max performed like a champ. It's slicker

156D $4799
Thwarts $250 each

(4) DD Design
AIRE offers 3 models of DD designs which offer more space at both ends, with the 'diminished' tubes switching to a smaller diameter at both ends.. The 136D is a good choice  from a whitewater trip to a relaxed fishing day. Make sure to take a look at this offer!

136DD - $4449
Thwarts - $250 each